Big Data Services

Strategic consulting

At NearshorIT we analyse data sources helping our customers in finding an answer to their daily challenges, understanding them, and identifying possible needs and opportunities.


Organizations hold data that is fundamental to efficient operations. Our Big Data teams are in charge of collecting, processing and storing large volumes of data, structured or unstructured.


The teams carry out descriptive data analysis and validation of predictive models based on statistical and mathematical techniques, as well as Machine Learning.


Whether on-premises or in a cloud environment, our teams implement technical architectures in a scalable way.


Data is incorporated into the platform using visualisation tools, for real-time visualisation if necessary, with the aim of assisting your company’s strategic decision-making.

Advantages for your business

Cost reduction

When you need to store, process and analyse large volumes of data, Big Data technology enables you to reduce costs, while innovation itself responds with different ways for your company, optimising investment by identifying patterns.

Increased efficiency

Using technology, your company identifies and analyses market trends and responds effectively to consumer needs, while automating repetitive processes and channelling staff efforts into areas where cognitive skills are required.

Competitive edge over competitors

Big Data technology represents an important competitive edge over competitors who have yet to adopt it. The ability to measure the impact of actions taken in real time enables you to adapt quickly to changing scenarios in your customers' consumer patterns.

Helps increase sales and customer retention

During the consumer journey, your customers leave signals about what they need, prefer and idealise when looking for products or services like the ones your company offers. Big Data puts the pieces together and offers your organisation data so that you can develop a more personalised service, leading to your audience’s overall satisfaction, increased revenue and loyalty.

Need a Big Data team?

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