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Migration strategies available


Without significant architectural changes, this model favours moving your servers to physical and virtual to the cloud.


Maintaining a simple and effective transition to the cloud, this type of migration allows the adjustment of some points so that the process occurs in an optimised way, keeping, however, the central architecture of the applications.


This is the fastest way to migrate to the cloud. Simply put, your assets can be moved to the cloud environment by changing your current architectural model.


To ensure greater compatibility with future versions, this migration strategy requires rebuilding some applications from scratch to ensure greater use of cloud capabilities.


For some companies, a complete migration to the cloud may not make sense or be impossible. Therefore, this strategy aims to prioritise those elements that are ready for this transition, leaving the remaining digital assets on standby.


Among all the technological assets of a company, applications often arise that are actually no longer used, nor do they represent added value. To reduce the costs of a migration to the cloud, these applications can simply be switched off, making the whole transition process more efficient.

Advantages for your company

Time and Cost Optimisation

In the conventional model, resources are often underused due to a higher than necessary supply to guarantee the operation of the entire IT structure. With cloud migration, these costs are reduced and in turn become a variable investment that is always in line with real operational needs.

More Security

Compared to storing sensitive data in a conventional manner, the cloud presents superior levels of security. The risk of improper access to the cloud is mitigated through large technological investments and constant updates made by service providers, thus making it a place less prone to outside threats.

Increased scalability

Through a pay as you go model, the service can easily be scaled up or down considering your company's needs. In the long term, it allows companies a power of growth aligned with the requirements of the operation that represents a great competitive edge.

Reduced environmental impact

Using a cloud storage service, which allows an easy adjustment to the real needs of your business in that moment, you can significantly reduce the environmental impact, as you will only use the resources and energy that you actually need, so there is no waste of IT infrastructure resources.

Higher mobility

Through cloud migration, the concept of office takes on a volatile connotation, to the extent that with a computer and internet access, you will have access to your network and applications even outside your workplace.

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