Which services are available for custom development?

How we develop new software

Identify needs

Initially, it is crucial to determine the project's objectives and what needs it seeks to fulfil. We collect as much information as possible about your company's activity, in order to develop a custom solution.

Possible solution analysis

Once the project requirements and goals are set, we prepare the systems and documentation according to the specifications for the success of the final software.

Design of the solution

During this phase, the system model design and the IT infrastructure are developed according to the intended operations of the new software. The most viable data model hypotheses and interaction with the use will also be analysed to guarantee the efficiency of the project.

Software development

Based on the programming language chosen, the development of the system begins through code, contemplating all the requirements identified up until then.


The software testing phase aims to ascertain the quality of the project, identifying and correcting possible errors and bugs. Being a critical part in the software development life cycle, testing ensures the full operation of the platform once it is implemented.

Implementing the final version

Once the software has been tested and is guaranteed to work efficiently, it is delivered and implemented in a real environment, where your customers can start navigating and interacting with the system.


In order to ensure the correct functioning of the software and that it remains updated, we carry out maintenance and continuous improvement of the system, implementing the necessary corrections and optimisations so that it adapts to the future needs of the business.

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