On the one hand, the practice of onshoring involves contracting a service from an external provider, but which is still located within the same country. Offshoring involves a partnership with a service provider located in a foreign country, often on a different continent, and naturally under a different time zone. In turn, and benefiting from some advantages of the two previous typologies, nearshoring involves contracting a service from a partner in a different country, but which, even so, has a short distance between them, so there is no difference between the teams’ common working hours.

At NearshorIT, our goal is to provide you with access to the best talent in new technologies in a fast manner. As such, the selection and recruitment process works in an excellent way using various interviews, through which technical, social and motivational components are assessed, with the aim of ensuring the full integration into the work teams.

There is no minimum period of collaboration with NearshorIT. Each project has different needs and challenges, as well as different goals and KPIs. So the development and implementation period will also be different.

The time will depend on the level of complexity of the project in question.

From programming technologies to the most up-to-date frameworks, we benefit from a technological know-how that allows us to have complete work teams, able to lead and collaborate with each other in the different development and implementation phases of the new software.

NearshorIT has to offer you years of experience in the IT market. It is the contact with different clients, from different countries, and with different business sectors that gives us a deep knowledge in several areas. Benefiting from the numerous advantages of partnering with a company in Portugal, your business will be supported by exclusive work teams, privileged with competitive salary packages and other benefits, so that you can achieve the best combination between work and personal life.

Absolutely. You can visit our offices to know the team members, and the work place. Our teams can also visit your company's space so that everyone gets to know each other and, in this way, work synergies are enhanced.

Do you need an IT team?

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