Why choose NearshorIT for your technology projects

Working in an IT Nearshoring model with the right technology partner is the decisive element to boost your business in the digital world.

Benefits for your business

Access to global IT talent

Obtain the most advanced know-how with our IT professionals who will give your company access to the technologies of the greatest scale economies.

Cost reduction

In the traditional model, hiring and training new resources may represent a considerable investment. Opting for this solution means benefiting from a specialised technological team, maintaining your company's structure and therefore not having to hire new staff.

Reduced risk

Gain technological knowledge with extensive experience in different business sectors, with earlier problem identification and resolution, avoiding compromising your company’s activity.

Projects with specific requirements and timeframes

Some projects, due to their particular technical requirements and specific time needs, may not attract the best technological talent. Our IT nearshoring service allows us to meet the technical challenges for the required period of time.

Focus on core business

With our technological support, the company's entire structure will focus on its main activity, thus increasing operational efficiency and work team performance.

More efficient implementations

We have a multidisciplinary team, specialised in different technological areas, which means that for your company, for each challenge you have, we will have the ideal professional, who will ensure faster timings to implement new software or updates.

Proximity to essential services

We are located in the heart of Lisbon, close to essential transport, food and accommodation services. On a recreational level, Lisbon's well known nightlife is only a few minutes away through its efficient transport network.

Do you need an IT team?

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