Why Portugal for IT Nearshoring Projects?

We have the best conditions for IT nearshoring. Find out why big companies are looking to set up their operations in Portugal.

Portugal is a country full of advantages for nearshoring projects

Geographic location

We are located at the centre of the world. We are in the same time zone as the UK and only one hour difference from Central European countries, which is perfect for full communication between teams. A few couple of hours away from the main European capitals, we have an effective air network, which in most cases has the option of direct flights. On the other hand, we have around 8 hours of sunshine a day and 2600 km of coastline, which makes us an undeniable destination when it comes to quality of life in general.

Excellent infrastructure

We are a reference when it comes to prosperity and innovation. Portugal ranks 34th in a ranking of 141 countries that ranks technological readiness and aptitude for innovation according to the annual report published by the World Economic Forum.

Qualified resources

We have specialised professionals in each technological area, which for your business means benefiting from highly competitive know-how without having to change you company’s structure. We are a cultured people who seek to know more, hence our capacity to develop technical, interpersonal and linguistic skills, while we are one of the countries that invest the most in education per student.

Competitive costs

Costs are a variable to think about and ponder when contracting the service. It is a fundamental point when looking for software development partners in a nearshoring model. Portugal is one of the countries with the most competitive cost per hour in Europe, which, together with the remaining advantages, positions it at the forefront in this type of development, ensuring excellent quality delivery levels.

Political and cultural stability

Portugal is the third safest country in the world to live and work in, making it a reference hub for IT services. Our hospitality is recognised worldwide. We are known for our open spirit to work with different cultures and different ways of thinking. Our history is marked by this: we have crossed seas where approaching different peoples was common, which gave us an innate predisposition for multicultural cooperation.

High quality supported by SLA's

Service Level Agreement concerns the services that the client company may expect from its supplier, in a measurable and specific way. For the client company, a service signed under these terms means that there are several guarantees that the commercial link will be transparent, since if any previously established point or target is not met, fines may be imposed on the supplier company, which may reassure the client.

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